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Competitive IT Services in the following areas
  Information Systems / Database Design and Developmentcustomised solutions for companies or organisations that manage volumes of data / information
Software design and Development – quality and cross-platform custom or tailor made software design and development, with an emphasis on user-friendliness

Internet Services - a large market for internet services has been created as more and more people seek to communicate, publish or acquire information through the internet. Apart from direct access to the internet and design of internet access solutions, the following additional internet services are offered:

  1. Website Design, Development and Hostingquality dynamic websites that are tailored to specific businesses.
  2. Spatially-enabled web applicationsmany organizations that deal with geographical / spatial datasets are moving the applications to the web and require efficient and cost effective solutions.
  3. Voice over IP (VoIP) communicationsdesign and implementation of voice communications over the internet
Data backup and recovery – electronic data backup and recovery has become essential to business as more businesses use electronic media to store their data / information.
Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing and Printing services – the company offers quality design services for both print and digital media productions.
Computer Networking servicesthe company offers innovative solutions to business entities and home users who continue to seek affordable and more efficient means to communicate across computer networks.